Media / News

Specialist IT Services & Support for Media and News Companies

We have been addressing the challenges faced by our customers in the Media and News industry for many years.

We fully understand the need for and repercussions of not having:

  • A high availability and high performance website and hosting, backed with exemplary 24/7 technical support (direct access to 3rd line engineers)

  • Email and file collaboration systems that provide true global reach to stringers and field staff

  • Ability for stringers and field staff to transfer files/data at whatever internet speed they can get their hands on

  • High performance and high resilience internet line with 100% uptime SLA

  • Finance systems that can be accessed securely by any branch office or out-post

  • High performance Servers, Networks, Storage and Workstations that can easily handle very large audio & video files

  • The ability to have all of the above at a budget