Executive Team

"ByteSize have a strong team, led by some strong management" - Nav Dhanjal, IT Manager, Sports Interactive (SEGA)

Asif Qureshi

Managing Director

Asif has worked for companies ranging from Dell to C&W (Cable & Wireless). He has been at the helm of three successful companies before starting his own company calling it ByteSize (little known fact: the ‘Size’ in ByteSize is comprised of the first letters of the names of Asif’s four children!). Asif is passionate about ByteSize and is dedicated to ensuring our high levels of client satisfaction. He is a photography and aircraft enthusiast who loves classical music.

Satendra Singh

Finance and Operations Manager

Satendra (or Saten as he likes to be called) brings allot of finance and business experience to ByteSize. Saten works with our Chartered Accountants to keep ByteSize’s finances on track. He becomes famous once a month during payroll! he’s always making tea for himself, smiling and keeping stress levels low with his jokes! A devoted family man. Jury is still out on the strange old folk music he listens to!

Paul Rourke

Head of ISP & Cloud Services

Paul works with our highly trusted core ISP partner, providing enterprise grade internet lines, cloud servers, hosted desktops & other cloud services to customers. Paul gets far too many calls from Asif! – Paul hasn’t sent a picture yet but we are deliberating ideas like taking a snap when he’s not looking or hacking into his Facebook account!

Shayan Qureshi

Business Development

Shayan joins us from Johnson & Johnson. He has extensive experience in project management, looking after client accounts, finance, procurement and managing complex relocations. He is in charge of exercising due diligence with clients, devising risk mitigation strategies and upholding good governance & compliance of the company. Shayan actually produces his own music in his spare time using a MacBook Pro AND a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Fawad Malik

Head of Networks & Telecoms

He likes to be called “Faz” and is the title holder at ByteSize for the most amount of certifications held by a single person; Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Citrix, VMWare…you name it! He sent us an old picture of himself for the website, we initially thought to question him but ended up accepting it because he hasn’t changed much (even though he’s married and has a son!). Faz is a specialist in high performance complex networks and makes highly complicated network designs and implementations look like child’s play. A martial arts black belt holder who likes smooth R&B music.

Imran Qureshi

Solutions Architect & 3rd Line Solution Support

With a strong passion for technology since he can remember, Imran has developed software, launched websites, deployed business critical email and application server solutions, implemented global resilient converged networks and the list keep growing! This prodigious range of knowledge and experience allows him to effectively coordinate and project manage disparate teams into successfully delivering complex solutions. Imran also likes to ensure that our solution & support feedback ratings stay high and works tirelessly to improve internal processes according to feedback. He is always logged into a server, whether at work, home or holiday! Imran can play drums & piano.

Ali Zulkurnain

Head of Website Development

An award winning website designer, an artist at heart and a perfectionist. Its always an exciting moment when we get to see new website design proofs from Ali & his team, its pure eye candy! Ali is into umm.. Heavy Metal!

Manzar Waseem

Head of Software Development

Manzar has a track record of delivering bespoke software projects on time and in budget. With a strong business backgroud, Manzar is able to quickly analyse and understand customer business needs. He is responsible for recruiting his own team for bigger software projects, which he does seamlessly. To date, Manzar and his team have delivered finance, ERP, CRM and bespoke database projects. Manzar can play the guitar, flute and has a love for 60s/70s music.