Corporate Social Responsibility

Zero-carbon energy data centres

We partner with suppliers and companies who are committed to the delivery of your services with minimal environmental impact in mind. Our data centre services are certified ‘green’ and use zero-carbon energy. We work with data centre facilities from Global Switch 2, Telehouse and Telecity, who all have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Electricity used at our Global Switch site is sourced from zero-carbon sustainable sources. This ensures that carbon is not emitted in the production of the energy used to power our data centres or the associated cooling and UPS systems.


Like any business we sometimes need to retire old hardware. Whilst this is great for our customers, who benefit from improved speed and reliability of service, it does mean we have to deal with redundant electronic equipment responsibly. We try to recycle all old equipment internally. If we are unable to recycle redundant hardware, we give the equipment to registered contractors that operate in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. All proceeds from the sale of redundant ByteSize equipment go to charity.

ByteSize is also committed to encouraging a paperless office. We subscribe to the recycling facilities offered by the Brunel Science Park.

Charity Work

ByteSize donates to various charities throughout the year. We try to support credible charitable organisations setup by Brunel University students,  staff are encouraged to take part in fundraising activities organised internally or by our clients and we actively try to help our Charity clients whenever possible.